This is the most recent stuff.  I'm looking forward to working more with color.  I've learned how to incorporate texture into my characters, rather than simply coloring them perfectly smooth, like balloons.  Also bought a book on color theory, looking to dig into that soon.

A big four-armed feline.  Don't be alarmed, he's actually quite friendly, though a bit dull.  He may seem a little bit intimidating, but it sure feels good when he hugs ya.  I'd like to draw more of this character.

This pic isn't much to talk about, but it stands for something I've been lacking in all of my pictures-- scenery.  Nearly every sketch I've ever drawn has been posing characters on a magical solid white plane.  I'm getting tired of it, so I'll probably start drawing actual full scenes before long.

On the left:  I can never resist the opportunity to draw big furry feet. :)
On the right:  Just a generic guy with a hat and jeans.

I draw lots of 'softer' characters.  In fact, I have been working on a series of pics about a big-pawed bunny and his pals.


New studies into facial structure add an interesting aspect.  I can also draw humans somewhat passably.  Check out the stud mechanic on the right.  Can you tell I took my car to Jiffy Lube recently?


Good old muscle studies.